Pay as You Go Plan

Pay as You Go Stock Trading course

Pay As you go Stock Trading Course by TYK Trade is designed in such a way that anyone can become a Stock Trader by learning at their own pace. This Specially Designed course consists of three Plans which are designed for Audiences from different Age groups.

Since past few years more and more people have started taking interest in trading for various reasons but the basic knowledge needed to trade is not possessed by all. At TYK Trade, we recognised this gap in the market and came up with a Course which will be extremely important for everyone right from the beginners to kids, everyone can take advantage of this course and become successful without worrying much about what to know and how to implement trading skills before jumping into the market and become successful.

The First 2 Plans are designed for the Adults who are willing to learn and start making Trades whereas the 3rd Plan is Designed especially for kids who can learn all about trading from scratch.

Plan 1: Technical Analysis | Cost: $200/month
Plan 2: Advanced Options | Cost: $300/month
Plan 3: NextGen | Cost: $100/month


  • Pay As You Go Monthly Plan
  • Stay enrolled and keep learning as long as you wish as learning is a never-ending process
  • Live sessions customized to suit the learning pace of the participants
  • Learn at your own pace

Subscription based service giving participants the opportunity to learn Basic Technical Analysis. This Plan is Suitable for Adults and it’ll help them to have a deep understanding of the Technical aspect of the stocks and make trades accordingly. Learn to see the market in a different way and book profits by implementing successful trades.


We Introduce you to the concept of Technical Analysis and how it is different from Fundamental Analysis. We also discuss the return expectation one can set while trading based on Technical Analysis.

Charts & Patterns:

We explore the different types of charts which are used in Technical Analysis along with their usage and how to read each chart type. Learn about various Candlestick patterns and how to use them for carrying out successful trades. Learn to read single and multiple candlestick patterns along with live examples and insights from industry leaders on carrying out successful trades.

Indicators, Support & Resistance:

Learn about different Indicators like Moving Average, Relative Strength Indicator, Moving Average Convergence and Divergence etc. which are essential in reading the market. Support & Resistance price levels are important factors which provides insights in setting the price targets of the stocks. Learn about the relevance of Support & Resistance in Technical Analysis, its construction and drawbacks.

Helping you Get Started:

After introducing you to Technical Analysis and the different concepts of Technical Analysis, we will brush up your knowledge by helping you identify various trading opportunities on a day-to-day basis which will help you to carry out successful trades with the help of Technical Analysis.

Have a comprehensive and broad knowledge about the options markets and get acquainted with various types of options and options strategies.

Options Trading is generally risky but they also have potential to generate higher returns. This Advanced Options plan provides Adults a great opportunity to access the risks and make calculated decision to earn high profit and create a successful portfolio.

Background on Options:

Stock options are a sophisticated financial instrument. a stock option contract gives the holder the right to buy or sell a set number of shares for a pre-determined price over a defined time frame. Learn and understand the background of Options and how Options Trading are carried out along with getting acquainted with the market.

Quantitative Concepts:

Options contracts are priced using different mathematical models like Black-Scholes, Binomial Pricing Models. Learn all about these Quantitative concepts along with the intrinsic value and time value which are the most important parts in determining the Options price.

Basic Options & Stock Positions:

Get familiar with the Buy Options and Put Options and how to determine and predict pricing of the stock Options. Get familiarised with the Bullish and Bearish market trends and carry out profitable trades with Stock Positions.

Options Trading Strategies:

Learn about all the Options Trading strategies and detailed knowledge of the Options market. There are different Trading Strategies such as buy call, buy put, write call, write put etc. understand each strategy in detail and learn from professional traders on benefiting from options with the help of their analysis.

Market Indicators:

Get detailed knowledge on which Market Indicators can be used while carrying out Options Trading. How and when to apply different Indicators such as Pivot Point, Commodity Channel Index, Put-Call Ratio, Open Interest etc. and use them to generate profit by carrying out successful trades.

Empowering kids to understand financial freedom and liability at a steady pace.

The most successful investor of the world ‘Warren Buffet’ started investing in stocks when he was just 11 years old. Being an inspiration for almost every investor, Warren Buffet has taught the world why it is important to start investing early. Our NextGen Plan is designed for Kids to get a kickstart in investment and help them to create a successful investment portfolio.

With the help of this NextGen course kids will

  • be able to learn the basics of investing in the stock market
  • learn when to buy and when to sell a stock
  • learn to manage a portfolio of stocks and other asset classes
  • learn the importance of saving for their long-term future

This Course will help kids answer the below questions which are extremely important for making stable financial decisions.

  • What is the stock market and why is it important?
  • How to pick the right stocks?
  • How to make good investment decisions by understanding Price and Earnings?
  • When to sell a stock and how to measure return on investment?
  • Why is Diversification important?
  • What is the Importance of Savings, Investing and Compounding Interest?
  • What are Bonds?


What is difference between Technical Analysis Course & Advanced Options Trading Strategy Course?

Technical Analysis course is beneficial for learning the technical aspects and Indicators which will help in all type of trading whereas Advanced Options Trading will help you to become successful in one of the most profitable aspects of Trading which is Options Trading.

How Beneficial is the NextGen Course for Kids?

It is extremely helpful for Kids to learn all the basics of Stock Trading and Investments so that they can create a successful portfolio of their own.

What If I am interested in taking up only 1 or 2 courses from this package?

You are free to take up any module from this entire course.

Will I get a Recording of the Sessions?

Unfortunately, you would not get recordings of the sessions because of logistical reasons.
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