One on One Training from Stock Trading Mentor


Once you set your mind for the hard work in the preparation, Trading’s actual process will be as easy as plain sailing. One-on-One stock trader mentor training sessions are to understand the candidates’ trading needs individually and provide them with the best advice for their version of trading skills. It is one practical step by the Best Trading Mentor Online to ensure that none of the candidates is left out, and they all equally and somewhat understand the concepts.

Duration: 6 Months

Venue: Virtual Classes on Zoom

About One-on-One Day Trading Mentoring Program

These sessions are for absolute beginners as well as experienced trader. The trading mentor online is determined to teach his candidates Trading in the simplest of ways. He will stand by you while scanning the markets for trading opportunities and using your variation while placing the trades. You will analyze every step of the process to follow your trading expedition, where he will be by your side throughout. The sessions depend on the self-learning pace, and candidates can take their time in understanding technical analysis in detail.

  • The sessions will consist of six months of mentoring.
  • It is a self-paced program.
  • There will be access to spreadsheet resources.
  • The sessions will be exclusively one-on-one.
  • The mentor will walk you through the trading plan design and review.

Target Audience:

Any person who has some trading experience and wants to polish their skills further is welcome.

Features of One-on-One Best Mentor for Stock Trading Course:

Understanding your Needs: One of the most significant benefits of One-on-One Training is that it is according to your individual needs. After all, there’s no guarantee that everybody in a Foundation, Advanced, or Ultimate Trading Course will have the same learning pace. If you’re being tutored one-on-one, this isn’t a problem because the Trading Mentor Online expert will tailor their instruction to your abilities.

Personalized Goals: If you want to improve your trading skills, one-on-one Training will provide you with a set of tailored goals by the mentor to your specific needs. For example, you may need to learn specifically about Options Trading, and then this Training can cover only that topic. It ensures that you meet the goals on time and in a constructive manner.

Ask the Questions: Some people struggle in a group setting, so a one-on-one session could be just what they need to ensure they learn what they need to know. It also provides the ideal forum for sending inquiries. Some people are uncomfortable speaking in front of an audience so that the individualized approach could be beneficial to them.

The main emphasis of the program is on education rather than providing advice. It intends to teach you how to trade independently, sticking to your trading plan to the letter. We cannot guarantee income, but we can guarantee that you will develop a method for being the best trader you can be. The program will assist you in finding and overcoming any roadblocks you can encounter along the way.

What are the Advantages of One-on-One Training?

The One-on-One Training Program does not have any structure because it is curated for your specific needs and requirements. It is an in-depth educational course that does not fall into any specific category. After our first three sessions, we create a plan for each candidate to serve as a road map for our sessions. Please feel free to write to us for a more detailed description of what may be discussed in our training sessions.

Assuring a solid Mentor-candidate relationship is an integral part of the mentor’s One-on-One Training Program’s success. Before accepting any new candidates, we assess how we can help you. If you have questions or concerns before enrolling in the Training, you can contact us here (hyperlink to contact us).


Will coaching be beneficial if I am new to Trading?

Yes, indeed! We can tailor a learning path for you based on your objectives, focus, and risk tolerance.

Is each session private, and how long does it last?

Every session is completely private and is not recorded.

How often should I schedule a session?

Some people prefer coaching sessions to supplement their learning, while others prefer to have sessions more frequently to review their trades. Every 2-4 weeks, active traders have one session. When it comes to follow-up interviews, most people schedule one every 2-3 months if they are less active.

I'm not sure how many sessions I'll need?

Everyone learns at a different pace and at a different rate. If you combine coaching with courses, you may need fewer sessions. If you only want to learn from coaching sessions, you’ll need more time and meetings.

What is the scope of this course?

One-on-One Training Course is a high-quality course by TYK Trade, and it will provide traders with a strong base of knowledge they need to succeed. Even after educational courses have finished, continuing support networks go a long way toward encouraging long-term success.


What will the Candidates learn during this Training?

The one-on-one training program has no fixed structure because it is based on what you, as a trader, bring to the table in terms of expertise and a trading tool kit. We cover a wide range of schemes, from weekly equities to regular FX/Commodities/Index systems, daily equities, and intraday FX. Here is an overview of topics covered in the Sessions

Strategy Topics

Technical Analysis

Options Trading

Futures Trading

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