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The best way to learn is to learn from someone ‘who has been there and done that’ What we teach is based on experience and not theory.

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I am all ears to your trading questions through the live interactive sessions. The purpose of conducting these sessions is to come up with YOUR Trading Plan.


Participate in weekly live webinars to compare and evaluate strategies that will enhance your investment decisions.

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We are determined to teach our students how to assess the risks themselves with a realistic approach.

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TYK Trade offers one of its kind online trading courses to cover everything about stock trading.

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The sole purpose of TYK Trade is to equip ordinary people with skills to confidently make their own trading decisions.

About the Mentor

The Founder of TYK Trade, Danish Ali, is a Prop Trader and trades Futures and Futures Options. He has a unique style to enable his students to wrap their minds around the challenging terms in technical analysis using easy-to-follow language with examples from everyday life. His journey of online trading began with making mistakes, but he made sure not to repeat them. He tried his luck buying penny stocks, buying call options, etc., only to set his mind to pursue and become proficient in Technical Analysis. The studies in interest helped him take a leap and move from Broad Index-based Equities to Traded Index Options and then to trading ES Futures and Futures Options.
Over the years of experience in the Trading Industry, the determination to learn and keep learning made him a mastermind in understanding trades to its core. He is exceptionally passionate about sharing his real-life online trading experiences and helps other budding traders find the right path in the time-frame of the coursework.
His students widely appreciate his teaching skills, and his way of helping them strive for better and more significant goals is what keeps him going.

Danish Ali

Stock Trading Mentor | Trainer | Prop Trader

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Instructor: Danish Ali

Learn some of the basics in this beginner options trading co

Instructor: Danish Ali

Professional Trading is a competition between two sides wher

Instructor: Danish Ali

Master Trading Course: The Master Trader course lays the fou

Instructor: Danish Ali

Instructor: Danish Ali

Instructor: Danish Ali

Learn some of the basics in this beginner options trading co

Instructor: Danish Ali

Professional Trading is a competition between two sides wher

Instructor: Danish Ali

Master Trading Course: The Master Trader course lays the fou

Instructor: Danish Ali

Instructor: Danish Ali

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Discover how to trade with time tested technical analysis tools to formulate your own trading strategy.

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Biggest lesson the pandemic has taught us is that we can still have live interaction with other people right from the comfort of our homes

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The secrets mentioned in the training are easy, practical and extremely
powerful when it comes to investing and trading in stock markets.

Mentorship 78%
Education 95%
Learning 80%
Motivation 85%

Technical Analyst & Trading Guru

Danish has a passion to help everyone succeed by sharing his experience and technical skills. I admire his understanding on technical analysis and practical learning tools to make a novice like me a good trader/technical analyst. I am glad for the time and money I spent to learn technical trading skills from Danish!
I am sharing the wealth that Danish shared with a wider community. As Danish says: there is enough money in the market for everyone to make. Enjoy trading but, arm yourselves with the right tools before you proceed with your hard earned money–learn technical analysis from Danish!

Mohiuddin S

Piscataway NJ, USA

Simply Amazing

It was a great learning experience, Danish opened a door for new opportunities.

Mumtaz A

New York City, USA

Muchas Gracias Danish

First of all I like to say knowledge is power. I always say my motto Is to higher my education everyday in the best I can. Doing this course with Danish expanded my horizons and made me think in so many different aspects of how I can add more value to what I am doing. His tools, methods and strategies has opened my horizons of how to invest in future. But as I say practice makes perfect which I will continue to do so. Once again I like to thank Danish for his brilliant approach on how amazing this course was setup to make money in simplistic ways. As they say in Spanish Muchas Gracias Danish..

Dr. Ayaz S

New York City, USA

Great Teacher!

Danish is a phenomenal teacher and clearly understands the ins and outs of everything he talks about. The resources he gives out and the techniques he shows are second to none and overall makes his class very interactive and fun to be in. He answers every question with a thoughtful response and takes time to show examples of what he’s teaching to really make sure the content is solidified.

Arham K

Allen TX, USA

Thank You Danish

Thank You Danish for sharing your knowledge. Now after your mentorship program, my perspective of the market is totally different. I won’t be playing blind anymore and surely won’t look at my friends or neighbors for advice on pick of the day.

I was a totally novice in Technical Analysis and now I think that should be the only way for trading. What I really liked about Danish is his honest & direct answers. At the end I wish you and your students the Best.
Happy Trading.

Aman J

Melbourne, Australia

Excellent mentor who can guide you to find answers

I am glad that I found Danishtrades and stumbled up on his simple explanation of technical charts. He speaks with logical conviction which I have not come across in anyone. His sessions changed my opinion about stock markets from gambling to math. I was trading with the news on tv and websites and did not make any profits. Now I got a direction and understand the math behind the charts. I understood a lot of concepts – index trading, option strategies ,technical analysis. He is always open to questions and guides us to find answers and always has a logical reasoning. A great mentor with lot of patience on top of everything !

Sailaja M

Austin, USA

Great learning experience, kudos to Danish

I recently completed one month of learning under Danish. It was a great learning experience, a steep learning curve, but worth it. I feel much more in control around the trades I do, Danish taught us simple tools which help in analysing stocks, he also touched upon complex tools.
Some of the strategies Danish has taught, I am currently putting in practice and happy with regular returns. The best part of the learning was Danish never said “do this, do that”, he shared the knowledge by sharing his experiences and left it with the students to pick what they felt was good depending upon their risk appetite. Trading on paper account while learning helped in getting the required confidence.
Danish, you are a great teacher, keep doing the good work. If you ever decide to bring me a new product or start training at an intermediate level, I will like to be your first customer/ learner.

Shishir M

Sydney, Australia

Eye Opener Session!

It was an eye opener session, they way I view the instrument changed after this training. Rather than being dependent on trade ideas from brokers, now I am able to predict the movement and playing safer than before!

Balaji T

Sydney, Australia

Amazing Teacher

Danish answers the questions and does not hold back when giving you the truth about the market and it’s risks. He also does not hold back from sharing his knowledge and years of experience in technical analysis.

Khaled S

Deer Park, USA

Essential for Risk Minimization

Technical analysis for trading is essential if you want to minimize risk. Danish is by far one of the best experts to teach the fundamentals all to the way to expert level.

After going through his session and learning what I know now, I actually look forward to Monday’s to kick off my trades with the a more focused strategy and consistent approach.

Shafi H

New York, NY, USA

Great Technical Learning

I would like to start by thanking Danish for sharing his tremendous knowledge on how to trade. I had no clue about stock trading and used to invest randomly on my own. Loosing and making money on trades with almost equal probability without proper knowledge was as good as gambling my money.

Again, thanks to Danish for presenting a way where we can trade with technical analysis which minimizes the loss and maximize the gain ratio, with a truly clear understanding which we can be applied in almost every trade.

My perspective of trading has completely changed and so has the way I look at the charts to analyse and make confident decisions.

Harish C

Pittsburgh, USA

I love your charts

I love your charts – very easy to understand and they actually tell a story.

Hasan S

New Jersey, USA
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